New Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128 GB

New Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128 GB
New Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128 GB
04/03/2019 at 13:26
This year Samsung has two big anniversaries at once, it celebrates 50 years since its foundation, as well as 10 years of Galaxy smartphones. For such an important date, the manufacturer has prepared a new flagship line, from which we have already tested the Galaxy S10 and S10e models. Now it’s the turn of the older version – Galaxy S10, which differs from the younger ones in screen size and number of cameras. Let’s see what else this smartphone has to offer.
Despite the rise in the cost of flagships, this is not always reflected for the better in their configuration. On the contrary, sometimes quite useful things disappear from the box, for example, headphones or adapters. Samsung, on the one hand, didn’t make the Galaxy S10 package better, but on the other, it didn’t make it worse than the S9.
As a result, in the box with the device you can find AKG headphones, USB Type-C to USB A and microUSB adapters, as well as a Type-C cable and a fast charging unit. The only differences between the kit and the previous flagship: the headphones are now supplied in white, and for some reason the cable for the power supply has become shorter.
In the Galaxy S10, Samsung has leveraged the design of its flagship models of yesteryear. At the same time, if we talk about continuity, then in the appearance of this smartphone, practically nothing remains from last year’s Galaxy S9.
Samsung decided to make the S10 look larger in the Galaxy Note line, with less rounded corners and a camera stack similar to the Note8 and Note9.
Another design gimmick in the Galaxy S10 concerns screen design. Here it is not only rounded at the edges, as in previous Samsung flagships, but also received a cutout for the front camera unit.
Although, to be more precise, there is still one selfie camera in the device, and the second module is used only to blur the background. At the same time, given that the S10 can do the same, the two front cameras in the plus version are really more of a design solution than a functional solution. Apparently, the company decided to make the look of the top model more recognizable against the background of the S10, and they did it, at least, the notch with two cameras did not leave users indifferent. Now there are a lot of wallpapers that allow you to make a cutout for the front cameras as part of the picture, thereby hiding it.
As a result, the solution with a camera block directly in the screen significantly diversified the design of the front panel, while allowing the upper frame of the display to be significantly reduced.
The design of the smartphone has not changed compared to Samsung’s flagships in recent years. The front and back panels of the Galaxy S10 are covered with a protective glass, symmetrically rounded at the edges and flowing into the aluminum frame of the case.
At the same time, despite the same materials and a more capacious battery, the new smartphone turned out to be lighter than the Galaxy S9, its weight is 175 grams versus 189 grams. The only exception is the ceramic version of the Galaxy S10, which weighs 198 grams.
Left Galaxy S10 with ceramic cover, right with glass
In general, a slight decrease in the weight and height of the body of the new flagship Samsung had a positive effect on its ergonomics, the device is pleasant to hold in your hands. After that, models weighing under 200 grams seem unreasonably heavy. But considering that the glass is a rather slippery material, it is most comfortable to carry the device in a case.

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